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The majority of women with vulvar varicosities during pregnancy see them gradually disappear approximately six weeks after pregnancy. 

This is true for first pregnancies. 

The likelihood that vulvar varicosities will not resolve increases up to 60% by the third pregnancy.

A combination of hormone surge and increasing blood volume in the pelvic area, combined with an enlarged uterus in the latter stages of pregnancy, is often the underlying cause of vulvar varicosities. 


Transilluminated Sclerotherapy 


is the simplest procedure and is relatively painless. Using the technology of transilluminated light, the doctor can locate the varicosed veins leading to and within the vulva. These veins are easily and virtually painlessly closed using injected solution. For patients who experience painful veins before surgery, the results will be especially dramatic. Using ultrasound, Dr. Vaughan is able to accurately diagnose the origin of the symptoms so they can be targeted and erased.


“It’s very common that people don’t see treatment because they think it will interfere will their schedules and plans or that it will just be too expensive. Others worry that the procedure will be painful or that results will be temporary at best. That may be true of other types of vein treatment, but not this one.
— Dr. Vaughan, AMA Physician and member of American College of Phlebology