About Dr. Vaughan:

A California physician whose background in a variety of medical specialties includes Phlebology, Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sports Medicine. He began his practice in the Westlake Village area in December of 1992 as Medical Director of Comprehensive Managed Care, and at the same time operated an injury center at the same location. Dr. Vaughan was instrumental in developing the medical protocols for the system. Prior to this time, Dr. Vaughan operated a private practice in Malibu, California.

In January of 1995 Dr. Vaughan went into solo practice and opened his doors at our current location, 1240 South Westlake Boulevard.

Dr. Vaughan holds two degrees from the University of California, Irvine: his B.S. in Biology (1980) and his B.A. in Psychology (1981). He received his M.D. degree from Ross University, School of Medicine in New York (1990). His postgraduate experience included an Internal Medicine Internship program at the UCLA affiliate, Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield (1990-91). He entered a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency program at Boston University in 1991. Most recently Dr. Vaughan became a member of American College of Phlebology (2003) and expanded his thriving practice to include treatment for venous disorders of the legs, with the opening of Vein Center Westlake Village.

Whether treating varicose veins, soft tissue complaints or a bronchial infection, Dr. Vaughan's state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques produce rapid resolution of patients maladies. Those with acute or advanced conditions are often amazed at the rapidity of their improvement.


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Nutrition and proper follow-up care are of concern to Dr. Vaughan and he is well versed in the latest research and innovations. Combining medical advances and technology with a holistic, naturopath's respect for balance of mind and body has earned Dr. Vaughan a devoted, long-time roster of patients.

Dr. Vaughan has taken multiple licensing examinations and boards, including Examination of the National Board of Medical Examiners, Parts I and II (1989), and Federation of State Medical Boards Parts I and II (1990). He is a member of the American Medical Association and the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Vaughan holds a California Medical License and DEA license and continues his medical education often, with enthusiasm and dedication.